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At Exodus, we believe that business has a role in supporting the community. The work of charitable organisations is vital in tackling all manner of issues both in the UK and abroad. Like businesses, charities need to gather both relevant and accurate data in order to service the needs of their target markets. However charities often cannot afford the large research fees that external agencies charge or are ill equipped to carry out the research they want.

Similarly there may be occasions when independent research is needed to support a particular project or to demonstrate a need in relation to an application for funds. Our researchers operate the very highest moral & ethical standards in relation to the work that we do and are experienced in approaching sensitive subjects with care & sensitivity. It has been our privilege to work with the NHS in many schemes aimed at improving patient care; we also now hope to be able to assist other organisations in delivering real improvements to the quality of life in other arena's.

We have decided to operate a reduced rates scheme for qualifying charities. Under these arrangements we propose to conduct market research for charitable organisations at rates substantially under those charged for commercial projects. Your organisation will still get our full professional service, attention to detail and work with our warm friendly staff but your research budget will go much further.

Exodus Research has conducted a number of research projects in the arts field including advanced development planning, community consultation and marketing & organisation development planning. Recent projects we have been involved in have received over £9.6 million in development funding and we are experienced in working with key interests & partners on collaborative projects.

In addition, in order to demonstrate our commitment to the community and willingness to support initiatives that improve the lives and well being of those at need, we are able to offer a number of educational and support services that qualifying charities can use. As well as the resources on our website (hyperlink) we are happy to advise you on research methodology or questionnaire design if you are conducting your research in-house. So please give us a call if you want to discuss any aspect of your research, there won't be any surprises just friendly professionals that are pleased to be able to help.

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