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Door-to-door canvassing, door step campaigns and social marketing

Doorstep marketing or canvassing is a process that involves face to face conversations your householders at their homes to communicate key messages, promote activity or obtain customer feedback.

It can be used to raise awareness or obtain feedback on community or public service issues (such as recycling, waste or other services), encourage action by householders (such as increasing recycling rates, raising participation, improving compliance or promoting new services) and providing targeted information or answers to local householders.

Exodus Research has developed a doorstep canvassing service to meet the demand of local authorities for cost-effective social campaigning using highly motivated and trained staff to communicate with local residents. Our staff have experience with other environmental or public service campaigns (either as social marketers or researchers) and are pleasant and knowledgeable in communicating your messages and encouraging action on a wide range of issues.

Our canvassers are fully supervised and are always fully trained to ensure complete knowledge about your campaign and issues in your area. They act to maintain and promote your corporate image and reputation.  We are just the sort of people that you would like to answer your door to; polite, caring and engaging but able to be focused and deliver effective campaigns by face to face contact.

All uniforms, equipment, supervision and the management of health and safety issues are provided by experienced Exodus staff so we are ready to start on time and with no additional worries for you as a client. Our project manager will provide continuous service and reporting to you during the planning, delivery and execution of the campaign.

Exodus is an experienced framework contractor for the Waste and Resource Action Programme (WRAP) and have an extensive track record (link) in respect of face to face interaction with consumers, residents and householders on a range of environmental and social issues.

Our prices are very competitive and will make cost effective use of your budget ensuring high response rates, high quality standards and a real impact on your campaign. Our staff really care about what they do and their motivation and enthusiasm will really add that extra push to ensure that your project delivers and engages the community that you serve.

We offer the following services:

  • Door step canvassing campaigns (from 500 to 50,000 people)
  • Hard to reach groups (BME, disabled, flats, economically inactive, etc)
  • Rural and urban areas
  • Communication and product distribution (leaflets, boxes, kitchen caddies etc)
  • Theme based marketing (e.g. supporting home composting or recycling initiatives etc)
  • Market research surveys
  • Customer/ resident feedback surveys
  • Waste analysis ( Exodus is a registered Waste Carrier)

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Exodus Research works closely with WRAP and endorses it’s guidance to Local Authorities wishing to conduct a door step canvassing campaign. A useful guide has been published by WRAP and can be accessed via this link http://www.wrap.org.uk/downloads/Door-to-Door-Canvassing_Rev_Nov06_v1.1.50a4e356.3501.pdf

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