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Environment & waste

At Exodus, we care about the environment and have conducted a number of important research projects in respect of environmental issues, recycling and waste. Consumers, politicians, and businesses are all now thinking seriously about the impact we have on our planets resources as environment impacts are better understood and have become an important issue in our lives.

We have conducted many projects on environmental issues for the Waste and Resource Action Programme (WRAP) who are a government funded organisation responsible for delivering improvements in waste, recycling and stimulating the markets for recycled materials. In many projects we work closely with local authorities that partner with WRAP to achieve common goals.

Exodus Research has conducted a number of research studies on environmental issues, in particular, we have reported a food waste (authoring two major studies in England, Wales & Scotland), home composting, local authority environmental projects, love food hate waste, peat free compost and landfield recycling. Exodus Research sits on WRAP’s evaluation and communications framework agreements and is commissioned to provide both quantitative and qualitative research.

Often we are required to provide evaluations and measurements that lie outside of traditional market research techniques. In these circumstances our statistical expertise and thoroughness provides our clients with real confidence in our work; particularly when complex evaluation techniques are required or statistical tools have to be applied.

Our offices are as environmentally friendly as possible and we are constantly striving to improve our environmental performance by encouraging recycling, reuse and reducing waste. Exodus also supports initiatives on environmental activity and is a member of local environmental campaigning groups in the South West.

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