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Fast Moving Consumer Goods
The very words fast moving consumer goods imply an ever changing marketplace and indeed a sector like food has experienced enormous change over the last decade.

New products and sectors are emerging in FMCG markets all the time and even with existing product categories, rules are being re-written. Consumers themselves are also changing, no longer just accepting brands at face value - they are constantly challenging manufacturers to deliver different, more exciting products and more quickly. The old classifications based on age, sex, or social grade no longer are appropriate - there are now many other ways of distinguishing between consumers and these focus on their attitudes, motivations and needs.

There are also many other drivers in FMCG markets that have changed - the main retailers are getting more demanding and powerful. Some product categories can now have over 400 lines - the competition just to keep your product on offer can be enormous. Food companies have experienced an unprecedented degree of amalgamation and many brands have had to adapt and survive, with many fallen along the wayside.

Increasingly, understanding the drivers in the food industry entails keeping up to date with all elements of the marketing mix - not only understanding consumer needs and behaviour, but also shopper behaviour, competitor changes, distribution networks, store checks, pricing - the list is endless.

Exodus Market Research can offer fast efficient ways of keeping abreast of your marketplace. We are dedicated agency with staff that are experienced in bringing you clear insight into consumers across many industries - including food, financial, local government and health. Our research professionals have extensive experience of developing brands and really understanding consumer needs.

We believe that your FMCG research should be innovative and incisive. It should cut to the heart of your customer and tell you what you really need to know about what they think & feel. Research should tell you exactly what its like being your customer enabling your business to relate uniquely with them. When you work with us at Exodus we will show you a research service that you won't believe and set a new standard in information delivery and analysis.

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