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NHS Discounts Research Project MRS Partner
Our health - there is nothing said to be as important. Delivering high quality healthcare means getting everything right; from procurement of equipment to staff & patient satisfaction, there are a lot of decisions to make and getting them wrong in this arena may have grave consequences.

That's why healthcare professionals need reliable information, well sourced and professionally researched, to make decisions that deliver on patient welfare.

Exodus Research is proud of our specialist involvement in the provision of healthcare services. We have been conducting research for a variety of healthcare providers and have specialist knowledge of the issues facing this sector. We are proud to provide research services to vital public services such as the NHS Purchasing & Supply Agency (2001-2009) and have contributed to their work in establishing value for money performance in the NHS (more than 120 projects, using both quantitive and qualitive research techniques). Recently we have developed a specialist research service for NHS Trusts (and other organisations) that is designed to work with suppliers to identify efficiencies and better ways of working together.This project recently has saved a London Trust £250,000 pa and is now being rolled out across the NHS.

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We have been working with many individual NHS trusts and on various Department of Health initiatives connected with the modernisation of the NHS and have demonstrated that we can deliver a completely trustworthy & professional research service; able to gather information effectively & efficiently and provide analysis that yields meaningful results.

And our researchers go the extra mile on service too, so if you would like to discuss a project in the healthcare field then please contact us and see how our friendly professional approach can work for you.

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