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Local Authority Research

Special research rates for local authorities

Exodus Market Research is pleased to announce special pricing available only to local authorities. Now you can commission high quality research at rates that will ease the pressure on your budgets and give you real savings.

Exodus is an established research agency which works with a wide variety of local authorities, Waste Partnerships and project teams from local and central government (including WRAP, SWAG and Defra). We have a demonstrable track record in the following areas of research:

  • environment
  • waste
  • recycling
  • local authority service evaluation

Now you can benefit from a superb service at greatly reduced rates.

Our feedback from local authorities suggests that they would like to commission more research but the costs of doing so exceed current budgets or that evaluation programmes and campaigns cannot be justified at current commercial market rates. As we would like to build a professional relationship with your local authority we have reviewed our pricing structure and developed some low cost research options that will meet your project needs and benefit from our high quality professional service.

The research you commission with us will still be managed by our top project managers with the same level of care and diligence as we offer all our clients. As ever, we will work flexibly with you to ensure that your project objectives are met and that your project is statistically robust to deliver results that you can rely on.

Exodus is able provide a wide range of research for local authority clients at very competitive rates including;

  • residents surveys
  • customer perception and satisfaction studies
  • evaluation of campaigns/ programmes
  • staff surveys
  • citizen panels
  • feasibility studies and future services consultancy
  • arts and cultural development and assessment
  • data analysis and statistical modelling
  • street and open spaces surveys
  • mystery shopping exercises
  • social research (including hard to reach groups)
  • social marketing/ doorstepping

We employ all quantitative and qualitative methodologies from face to face interviews, focus groups, panels, postal, internet, email & telephone surveys. You will find we are always flexible, dedicated professionals to work with. A full list of projects that we have conducted is published on our website www.exodusresearch.com/portfolio  and we would be very keen to discuss any upcoming projects that you may like a quote for or to further explain our services and low fees that we offer local authorities.

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Please contact us for a no obligation discussion or quote for your local authority project and see what real value for money we can offer.

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