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Background Information

Increasing costs in NHS services, an ageing population and a squeeze on public finances are all putting pressure on the 100 billion budget for health. All NHS trusts now have to look for new, innovative ways to provide greater levels of patient care whilst using current resources and budgets.

So what can you do to get more for less? Read on to find out how one NHS trust is saving more than 250,000 pa by working with their suppliers to identify better working practices, delivery, ordering and payments to deliver real year-on-year savings.

The research you commission will allow you to explore options with your suppliers which may mean that small changes in your procedures can open the door for reductions in costs, discounts and shared efficiencies all for an outlay of less than 5% of the potential first years savings.

A leading London Acute Trust has recently saved more than 250,000 per annum by using our research to better understand how working with their top suppliers can deliver real efficiencies in their balance sheet and (insert name of organisation) could do so too.

For a once-only spend that is a fraction of the annual savings you could achieve and in just six weeks, you could use this innovative way of working with your suppliers during these difficult economic times to achieve real savings on current pricing available to your organisation. The savings achieved by this project could potentially mean overall NHS budget savings of 100,750,000 per annum just by understanding how the NHS and suppliers can work best together.

Recently in August 2009, we worked with the Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust to contact their top spend suppliers in order to identify discounts and savings that NHS organisations could achieve by a range of efficiencies including early/ settlement, electronic invoicing, e-catalogues, aggregating orders, delivery efficiencies and best value initiatives.

The research programme seeks to understand what suppliers are willing to offer in respect of discounts and savings in exchange for more efficient working arrangements with key customers in the NHS, such as your Trust! The costs of this effective project typically range from a one off payment of 4250- 7500 which is less than 5% of the annual savings we achieved in Chelsea and Westminster.

The results of our work can provide not only savings opportunities but also correct and update your contacts database and provide suggestions from suppliers on how they can work with you to deliver savings, better services and added value. The survey focuses on key issues that could influence savings and added value but can be customised to suit your local needs.

Exodus Research is a full member of the Market Research Society and is a respected agency that has been working in the NHS for more than ten years and has been a key market research supplier to the NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency (NHS PASA), working with both NHS organisations and suppliers to provide best value and performance in the healthcare sector. We are flexible and pleasant professionals that offer a first rate service at very competitive prices.

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