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Stages of a typical
market research project

Planning a Project
You have decided that you need to find out some information, perhaps to establish how your customers feel about your service or want to determine whether your staff are happy with their working conditions? Now what do you do next.

The first thing to decide is what you are trying to achieve from your project. What are the objectives that this project will support? What exactly is the purpose of the research? Lots of interesting information may well be uncovered in the course of the research exercise but both you and the research agency must be clear on the core objectives that you need achieved.

Once you know what your project objectives are, you have to decide how you will achieve them. Commonly most organisations outsource some or all of the market research they conduct. Not only because of the specialist skills of the researchers but also because research conducted impartially & independently by external agencies adds credibility and weight to your research findings. Additionally the use of a third party can provide a confidential and/ or anonymous source for information that is sensitive or likely to be influenced by existing relationships.

When you approach us at Exodus we would normally arrange a short briefing meeting (free of charge) in which we would seek to identify and understand your objectives, understand how your organisation works and the level of involvement that is required of us. It may be that you would like us to run the whole project or just to design your questionnaire. Alternatively you may prefer to supply your brief as a written document- our friendly and experienced staff will make sure that we understand what you are trying to achieve and how to get there.

Following the briefing stage, we would then produce a research proposal for your organisation; again there is no charge for this.

The proposal would detail the following;

  • reiterate your objectives
  • identify the research audience and other key factors
  • advise on the methodology to be used to best meet the research objectives
  • state the levels of involvement on both sides
  • identify timings and deliverables
  • provide a detailed costing
  • identify any issues to be resolved

The proposal will detail the methodology, timings and costing of research project from design of questionnaire or topic guide, to fieldwork, data processing and analysis, report writing and presentation. We offer both a full market research service and a modular approach for specific parts of the research process. Contact us to find out more how we can help your organisation with any of your research needs and see how our friendly, professional approach makes us stand out from the competition.

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