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Although research has for many years been part of political life, in recent years the importance of research has been growing in the political world.

As researchers we support the political drive to seek the views and reaction of the public. What should drive good government is listening to the concerns and opinions held by the majority of its citizens, whilst having cognisance of the rights and views of the minority. Politics is clearly a balancing act whereby decisions have to be made that will benefit the populace based not only on public opinion but also on the dispassionate evaluation of moral issues, economic strategy and the wider political world.

Some of the outcomes of this evaluation process are not always palatable, some are clearly unacceptable and others may need detailed explanation before they become acceptable. There is no merit however in pushing forward policies that are inadequately supported by the population, poorly explained or have an adverse effect on the lives of the public. In seeking the views of society, we expand our understanding of the relationship between government and the people, provide the opportunity for the public to invest in or reject ideas and seek to bridge the gap that divides the unheard & those whose opinions dominate.

Our research team at Exodus have the highest standards, are entirely professional & apolitical and are committed to providing accurate research whilst maintaining strict confidentiality. We have many years of experience in both quantitative and qualitative.

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