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Public Sector research includes: central & local government, government departments and agencies, statutory and non-statutory bodies and non-departmental public bodies.

Local and central government are quite rightly committed to a process of consultation with the communities they serve. This consultation ensures both public representation & encourages community ownership of initiatives and projects. In addition, research is now commonly used as an effective tool in monitoring best value, public perception and identifying & implementing good practice in the services they supply.

Exodus Market Research has a wide variety of experience in contributing to the research activities of large public sector organisations. We have managed & conducted both small local technical projects and large-scale national research. In addition, we have experience in actively contributing to work groups responsible for implementing government policies and targets.

In respect of all aspects of central and local Government, our researchers have a great deal of practical experience in conducting performance management surveys, programme evaluation benchmarking exercises and the collection & analysis of public consumer opinion.

It's true that nearly all research agencies claim to be able to do these things but our staff operate a little differently to some other agencies. We only recruit researchers that genuinely care about the research they do and that are committed to working for the client. We can we back it our claims with our experience, probably save you considerable fees and provide you with a seamless professional research service that you will enjoy working with.

Communication, diligence, enthusiasm and commitment- we are friendly pleasant professionals that enjoy our jobs and are committed to our clients. We offer a nationwide service from our offices near Bristol and would be pleased to discuss any project or research need that you may have.

If you wish to discuss any research project in relation to central or local government, government departments & agencies, statutory and non-statutory bodies and non-departmental public bodies please get in contact.

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